Siti Masturah


“I believe that we can achieve anything that we want in life when we Believe in Ourselves first and feel that we are truly deserving.

Focus on Changing only You and release your expectations of wanting others to change for you.
What You Seek Is Already Within You.”

Siti Masturah is a Positive Parenting Advocate and the Producer of Genius Positive Parenting Programs.

She aspires to reach out to more kids and parents who may be battling with self-esteem & confidence issues.

At many points of her life since her early schooling days, she was often teased and labelled as The Big Fat Ugly Pig and this deeply affected her self-esteem.

She grew up with a very low self-esteem which was deeply rooted inside her.

She always thought that she was not good enough and because of this, she grew up not knowing how to love and accept herself for who she is.

This has impacted her growing up years and eventually her Tiger parenting style with her only son.

She realised she needed to Change before she loses her relationship and bond with her son.

Now a Reformed Tiger Mum, she aspires to spread the awareness of Positive Parenting to all parents in supporting their children’s success in School and in Life.

Profile Summary

– Producer, Genius IQ Positive Parenting Program by Learning Discoveries Pte Ltd

– Harvard Expert Forum Speaker -2016

– Positive Parenting Advocate

– Published Co-author of the book “Once A Queen Always A Queen”

– Also a proud Owner of Online Café Biz Global, specialising in patented healthy coffee that crushes cravings & increase sustainable energy, with growing café partners locally & globally


Diploma in Medical (Cardiac) Technology

-Top 100 Excellence Award for Designer Grabs 2013/2014 (Former Designer Bags business )

-Featured in National Media 2013 – Designer Bags

-Featured in National Media 2014 – Collaboration with other Online Entrepreneurs for Public Event

– Spoke at Harvard University Business Expert Forum in July 2016

– Featured on National Media on her Harvard experience 2016

– Published & launched the book “Once A Queen Always A Queen” with 19 other authors, where she shares her story & journey.